Blog Club update

We have a few more sessions due at the Harvest Fields Centre over the next month or so and we really want to get more people onboard with something that we see as very exciting and useful in so many ways. Look out for the flyers and posters that will be circulating over the next week around the Sutton Coldfield area. The club is a free event to attend and the centre is very accomodating.

We look forward to seeing you there!

We need a photo for the banner

Anybody willing to provide us with a photo to make a more relevant banner?

Maybe that’s something we can do during our next meetup?

First Meeting

The Blog Club got started last night and I think those who attended, took something useful away from the session. As a first meet, it went really well. We had Sam, who runs a couple of local businesses and is keen to see how blogging can run alongside business in a useful and positive fashion. Kim, who is interested in starting a home education resource blog (well something like that I think!) and kim’s Son, Ryan – who is looking to start a blog to keep in contact with friends and penpals. So, we all have some goals to reach and hopefully, we’ll bring in more interested people along the way.

Thank you for coming!

Welcome to The Blog Club

Thanks for visiting the Blog Club.

The Blog Club runs every other Monday at Harvest Fields Centre from 7.00pm – 9.00pm.

The intention of the club is to get people involved in the world of blogging and benefit from the new internet technologies. For personal use, business use.. in fact any use.

We plan to share ideas and learn from each other how these online tools can help us in our everyday activities.

You don’t need to have a local business, or be in a band, or run a flower arranging group.. just an interest in how this exciting platform of sharing information can benefit everyone.

(Theses initial dates have been scheduled for the physical group, but as the focus is on the World Wide Web, activities will no doubt happen online inbetween the meetups.)

  • Monday 31st March
  • Monday 14th April
  • Monday 28th April
  • Monday 12th May

For further information or to book your place please get in touch: blog[at]
Or call 07971 353493